Greeting Cards

The Best Greeting Cards Leelanau Has to Offer


Not only do we have the best greeting cards in Leelanau County, we also have the largest selection of greeting cards on the entire Leelanau Peninsula.

The large greeting card selection at The Business Helper got started simply enough.

A few cards here and there, and then a few more, and then soon it became another full rack of the full line that a vendor offered, then another full rack, and pretty soon we started asking ourselves, “Can we get another spinner full of greeting cards in The Business Helper?” Well, you guessed it, the answer was, “Yes, of course!”

What we found was that with the growing selection of the greeting cards in The Business Helper we heard more laughter coming from our customers, we heard more, “ahs” “oh” and then when we started hearing “this is the perfect card for… ” we ordered more and more spinners of greeting cards to keep in The Business Helper.

We wanted to help our customers send the perfect greeting to everyone they knew.

Every occasion!

Come on in and see for yourself. We look forward to hearing your comments, and your laughter too, of course!

Some of the cards we offer include many from these fine companies: GinaB, Northern Exposure, Borealis Press, Artists to Watch, Quoteables.

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